Friday, November 25, 2005

Generative Relationships

There's been much hullabaloo about social networking, virtual collaboration and the magic that is generated by creative, informal teams. Many organizations and individuals see networking as a means to an end. How do I find a job or advance my career? How do we manage this complex project? How do we continue to innovate for sustained success?

Although these are all worthy goals that have experienced some remarkable dynamics from social networking, what about the network itself? What about the relationships themselves?

I believe an effective relational network has value on its own merit. As humans, we derive great joy developing mutual friendships that are both meaningful and interesting. Try viewing the relational network as an end in itself, and the things done together as means to reinforce and solidify healthy, enjoyable relationships with interesting people.

In their article on Generative Relationships, the authors highlight the dynamics that turn relationships into magic. It's something worth being deliberate about.

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